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Introduction ‘distance’

As the members of PUKAPUKA are an ocean away from each other, in different places, they are all conscious about one word: ‘distance’. This word is always interpreted in different ways, depending on the culture and the nature of the individual.
The question of how we can hold each other’s hands for whom has ever felt isolated, in terms of supporting each other, comes to mind. We compare our issues and adjust them in this unclear ‘distance’.
To determine their own interpretation of ‘distance’, the members organised an online workshop. It allowed for traces of their individual creative flow, which also resonated one with the other. An approach to ‘distance’ could be something felt through the senses, another through mathematical regularities. Maybe something about psychological distance, something related to synesthesia, or even with experimental narration of geographical distance.
All the members explored and expanded this notion in an original way from their diverse fields of creation. After five bi-weekly online workshops, the five members of PUKAPUKA spent the three first months of 2021 working on their projects, giving shape to their interpretations.
During this exhibition, we encourage visitors to ask themselves what ‘distance’ means to them. To identify their own comfort zones and/or challenging ones. 
In this seemingly weightless time, where the certain ways of life that existed before has suddenly disappeared, we believe that it will be essential for everyone to define their own ‘distance’.


28.03.2021  PUKAPUKA

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