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Natsue Asai

1990年生まれ 愛知県出身 神奈川在住 18歳で上京し美大でファッションを学ぶ

幼少期からファッション画を描いたりファッション雑誌を観るのが好きだった 9歳のころ姉にファッションデザイナーになったら?と言われ、
胸が高鳴り、張り裂けそうに胸がいっぱいになる それが自分が瑞々しく生きていると感じる瞬間である

Natsue Asai

born in 1990 in Aichi, Japan and living near Tokyo.
She has moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 to study fashion at art college, became a stylist assistant, and joined the company as a bag designer for bag in 2015.
She got a prize of Milan from her alma mater and studying fashion and jewelry at the Brera Accademia di belle arti  in Milan from 2019.
After she returned to Japan,  She came back to the company and created her own brand and launched the brand called "C" in 2021.

I have been drawing fashion illustrations and reading fashion magazins since I was a child.  When I was nine years old, my sister told me I should become a fashion designer. When I was told that, I felt like it, and it became my dream.
Color combinations always fascinated me and when I see something beautiful, or give shape to something beautiful in my mind, my heart soars and fills with excitement. That's when I feel I'm fresh and alive.

Natsue in our eyes

When I look into her eyes as she listens to me, it makes me forget that there is a distance between us. When I see her jumping into whatever she wants to do without any hesitation, I feel cheerful that this is how I will live my life too. By the way, we haven't met yet, but I'm sure we will one day. by Mizuki

彼女の持つ安定感と安心感がPUKA PUKAをやわらかくまとめてくれている。「太陽とひまわりが親戚なのでは?」と感じさせる明るさとPOKA POKAさを持っている。色に例えたら、オレンジときいろ。
Her sense of stability and security softly brings PUKA PUKA together. She has a brightness that makes me feel that she is related to the sun and sunflowers. Her theme color is orange and yellow. by Ayaka

ライプツィヒのTomomiさんが運んでくれた縁。打てば響くコミュニケーションが心地いい。あっという間にPUKA PUKAがどこかへ飛んで行ってしまいそうになるのを、風船にするみたいに紐で繋ぎ止めてくれる。会ったら大輪の花みたいな印象なんだろうなと夢想している。 
Tomomi from Leipzig tied us together. When PUKA PUKA fly away like a balloon, she always holds us together with a string. I dream that I will have an impression like a big flower when I meet her face to face. by Yuka

She is outthere and brightened me up. She looks good under blue sky of  Italy. I stimulated by her chalenging  mind. by Waka

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