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Midori Wakabayashi


Midori Wakabayashi

born in 1992, from Tokyo.
I was inspired by unprecendented expression of modern jewellery and I started to make conceptual jewellery.
The value that people decide changes through the times.
I express the 'value' that only people who lives this age can feel and select materials for it.
I met a lot of artists who work in variety area at PUKAPUKA meetings, then I was inspired by them and expand my literal works.

Midori in our eyes

I am always so overwhelmed by what she writes. After I finish reading her stories, I never know  what I should say!  If I had so many stories in my head, I would never be bored until I die. And I still haven't met her yet! by Mizuki

I love the way she always hides something interesting and shows it to me at some moment. The gap between the accessories she creates and the stories she tells often wins me over. Her theme color is silver and green.    by Ayaka

She is always by my side from the age of twelve. I remember having lunch with her in the art club room at our middle school. She's a free spirit, like a transparent bottle littered with the colourful Ohajiki  (Japanese alley marble) we once collected as a child. by Yuka

誰からも見えない大海を泳いでいるわかさん 人に対してもその大海原から語りかけてくれるような寛容さと知的さを感じる 大海原に彼女を時々見失うこともある それでいて情熱を秘めているのを垣間見ると嬉しくなる 知的なのにあほっぽく見せたり、絵がめちゃ描けるのに力技な作品を見ると敵わないなあと思う
Waka-san, who is swimming in the ocean that no one can see. I feel the generosity and intelligence from her, as if she speaks to us from the big ocean.  And yet, it makes me happy to catch a glimpse of her passion. I admire her when I see intelligence behind her work's absurdity or when she draws boldly even she has a technical ability.  by Natsue

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