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Green fingerをもつ陶芸家




born in 1997, from nagasaki, and study Produkt Design in berlin.
At the moment, I am working exclusively with ceramics, under the name Tenko.

I have always been fascinated by things that remind me of water (tiles, glass, shimmering light, etc.), perhaps because of the sea that has been by my side since birth. Since my university is closed  because of the pandemic,  I am now working at home on ceramics. While studying design at university, I would like to blend artistic processes into my design works.


Mizuki in our eyes

She is so unique. Her works are nostalgic and wounderful. I would like to have her illustrations and ceramics. Hope to meet up with her soon!  by Midori

I am intensely attracted to the comfortable sense expressed in her work. I secretly imagine that underneath her calm stillness is a colorful room of creation. Her theme color is light blue and yellow-green.    by Ayaka

A Friend worked together in a studio in Berlin. Here is my imaginary scene about her. One day she is practicing back hip circles on the bars until dusk, and once I raise my eyes, she is already spinning like a last star in the evening. Her creations are also like konpeito  (Japanese sugar candy). They are soft in colour, but when you put them in your mouth you’ll notice that they have a solid core :)  by Yuka

彼女はまだ若く、私とは違う時代に生きていると思うが、年下とは思えない目線を持っていて鋭い観察眼や分析力がある まだ成長途中であろう彼女の技術は会うたびに磨かれていて、感性は輪郭を見せてきている 彼女の今後が楽しみであり、すでにもう彼女のファンである
She is still young, and I think she is living in a different age than I am, but she has a look that I do not think she is younger, and she has a keen eye for observation and analysis. Her skills, which are still in the process of growing, are polished every time I meet her, and her sensibility shows its outline. I am looking forward to her future, and I am already a fan of her.  by Natsue

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